About Vegan MeatLab

Vegan MeatLab is a blog focusing on plant based food, health, fitness and lifestyle.

I also post som realtime projects that I update on weekly or on day to day basis. The projects I am running right now is:

I am Beejay(B.J) and since my name includes special characters not in the English alphabet its easier to use my initials.

The big plan for this blog is to research and by trial and error create a recipie for the ultimate vegan raw food meat.

That is what the vegan MeatLab name is based of.

I will make videos where I create meals based of the vegan meat when I got a video studio set up.

Right now I make recipes of vegan food I try out and make..

I also need help from you to test out the recepies and give feedback.

If you want to be a part of the research please contact me on
johab”at”veganmeatlab.com, or use the contact form

The plan first plan is to use this open cource crowdsourceing community to com up with the ultimate raw food based vegan hamburger.

Yes, there ar allready different vegan hamburges and meat on the market but the challange is often the price and the fact the they are processed foods.

Right now the blog is a place to get information on topics relateted to health and fitness.

But I am looking for authors to guest post, and you can contat me on johab”at”veganmeatlab.com or use the contact form also if you want to write a guest post here.

I also plan to do interviws with vegan, health , and fitness influsencers.

If you are a social media influencer, dont hesitat to contact me for a interview and promotion for your social media profile.
Just contact me on the same mail:johab”at”veganmeatlab.com or use the contact form