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Popsicle recipe for kids made from fruit smoothie


I fund it to be a great project to have with my kids in the Covid 19 lock-down period. The popsicle molds were laying in a drawer and I guess my wife bought them years ago on Ikea or something. Right now you can find lots of different popsicle mold at Amazon:

I use my NutriBullet for all my mixing needs. The NutriBullet  break down cell walls of the food, making it easier to digest. I bought my own about 15 years ago on TV shop and its still going strong. Its probably the most durable electrical machine I have ever owned.

You can find lots of different types of NutriBullets on Amazon:

As the summer is approaching its nice to have some fruit popsicels ready in the freezer ūüôā

This recipe contains no added sugar and the fruit content can be included in the recommended minimum five fruits per day..

Popsicle recipe for kids made from fruit smoothie

Recipe by BeejayCourse: DessertCuisine: veganDifficulty: Easy


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Tasteful and healthy Popsicle made from fruit smoothie


  • 210¬†grams (7,5 Ounces) Frozen fruit

  • 300¬†milliliter (1,2 Cups) Tropical juice


  • Add 210¬†grams (7,5 Ounces) frozen fruits in Nutribullit or other mixer/blender
  • Add 300¬†milliliter (1,2 Cups) tropical juice
  • Fill the molds with the smoothie
  • Add the stick and put the molds into the freezer

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  • You can add some sugar or stevia if you like it sweet.

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