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Vegan keto low carb green smoothie recipe

This is a recipe I have made for my vegan keto experiment. I am working to make a vegan keto meal plan for a 4 week weight loss bootcamp. The smoothie is high in nutrients and only have 5 ,8 grams of net carbohydrates. Se section bellow the recipe for all nutrient facts. This is […]

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What is a Superfood – List and Benefits of the best superfoods

what is a superfood? There is no scientifically based or controlled concept for a superfood, but the food is usually elevated to superfood status when it contains high levels of beneficial nutrients, is related to disease prevention, or is claimed to offer multiple health benefits beyond its nutritional value. Superfoods contains high levels of beneficial […]

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Chlorella supplements for health and wellbeing

Chlorella supplements can be taken as powder, pills, liquid, capsule, and chewable. Just like for many other types of supplements it’s better to buy organic and non Non-GMO whenever possible.  You can find various Chlorella supplements on amazon: Some people have suggested using Chlorella as a source of protein and other nutrients to feed a growing world population.[1] […]