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Hannah on vegan lifestyle


This is Hannahs story on going for a vegan diet.

I went vegan when I was 26 years old, so I’ve
been vegan for a little bit over six
years now.

I am now 32 years old, and a lot of
you probably don’t know this but I
actually went vegan for ethical reasons.
I think a lot of people assume that.
I went vegan for health because that’s
what I focus my channel on mainly, but I actually went
vegan solely for the animals.

I had to go to a slaughterhouse when I was 26 years
old for my old job, and seeing what went
on there will forever haunt me till the
day that I die. It like makes me
emotional thinking about it
so I’m not gonna talk about that right

I really just wanted to touch
on how eating this way has drastically
improved my health not only just my
physical health but my mental health my
love towards myself and just everything
along those lines. So to start I’ll just
kind of give you guys a brief background
on before I was vegan, and what I was
kind of going through basically my whole
life I was an overweight child.

I was an overweight teenagers overweight person and I
struggled with my weight my entire life.
I did a lot of restrictive diets, fad
diets, I tried every single diet in the
entire world, and this led to a lot of other
issues in my life.

I had depression, I was an alcoholic, and I smoked half a pack of
cigarettes a day for a really long time. I had no love or self-respect for myself. I just hated who I was I hated my life. I wanted to die like literally. I mean that sounds really dramatic but I just hated
everything and because of this I
suffered through my life for a really
long time.

I think the biggest thing and the first thing that I want to
mention that helped me improve my health
dramatically was learning to have
compassion. I never had compassion for anything, and to be able to like have this emotional connection with these animals and see from their point of view like what is happening to them. That this
is not necessary, and they don’t need to be killed I don’t need to eat this way.

To have that kind of compassion for something else and have that love foranother being it gave me so much compassion for myself. I’m not gonna say that it was easy to quit smoking or to quit drinking. I used to even take like adderall and prescription drugs it was really bad. like I really hated myself.

The biggest thing that veganism helping with
self-love like loving myself and not torturing myself to fit into this
specific mold that society has said that
I need to be. And that was probably the biggest thing that helped me transform my life through finding self-love and
through finding compassion and like equality and all these things and really like having a purpose in my life. It gave
me so much purpose to take care of
myself and to spread this message and to
start my YouTube channel and to help
other people.

Being able to do that
helped me in so many ways so that’s just
kind of the background of you know how
finding compassion led me to self-love
which led me to stop doing all these
destructive habits like drinking and
smoking and taking prescription drugs.

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