The 6 most important training rules

They train for several hours per training session and can be found almost daily in the gym. Nevertheless, their bodies look more athletic than muscular. Then there are athletes that you only see a few times a week and think: “Wow! He has massive muscles!”
Sure, genetics play a big role in weight training. But genetics isn’t everything. It has to be something else, which is why some strength athletes seem to build muscles faster and more effectively than others without training more.

Rule No.1: Proper nutrition

You run 10km on the treadmill every day and still don’t lose weight because your hand ends up in the chip bag in the evening. You train your thin arms every day like a berserk until the biceps burn and yet they don’t get any fatter because you don’t give them any building material in the form of protein.
After consultation with experienced athletes and trainers from a fitness studio in Hanover, they confirm that proper nutrition accounts for 75% to even 90% of the training. Let it melt in your mouth! Eating the wrong food at the wrong time will destroy your training success.

Rule # 2: goals in mind

Without a goal in mind, you won’t know why or what you’re training for. You take away any motivation to stay with your sport and make progress. It doesn’t matter at all whether your main training goal is realistically achievable or not. As long as you work towards it, you stay on the ball. And if you stay on the ball, you might be able to do it.

Rule No.3: Take the right path – (no shortcuts, no detours!)

Without a timetable you will never arrive at your destination.
You train this one week, the other that. Sometimes you do cardio, sometimes strength, the other sometimes endurance. You don’t feel today, so you won’t go back to the studio until tomorrow.
Without a real training concept or training plan, your muscles will only grow minimally, if at all. Your stamina will not improve noticeably either. Depending on the goal you have in mind, you have to go a certain way. This means in advance that you have to inform yourself about this way. It is no use if you want to press the 100kg on the back of the band and therefore constantly train on the cross trainer. You have to work your way to the goal. Read books, use the internet, exchange ideas with other athletes. And if you have your “timetable” in mind, it is up to you to drive exactly on this route – without detours!

Rule 4: avoid overtraining

Your motivation is great. Even after a bad night or a stressful day in the office, you always give 100% athletic performance. You never treat yourself to rest in the gym. But suddenly you notice that your training is stagnating. In the worst case, you even go backwards. Somehow your body doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – namely grow and develop to its full strength.
Could it be that you are over-trained – you have asked your body too much? There is a fine line between “pushing yourself” so that the muscles grow and “overwhelm”.
If you notice that you are on a kind of plateau that you cannot get off, switch down a few gears. Give your body some time to regenerate. However, it is better not to get into this critical area of ​​performance degradation.

Rule 5: get to know your body

your body – the object of your training and tool of your mind.
We no longer notice when we are full. Sleeping too irregularly and mostly too little anyway. For most people, water – the elixir of life – only flows from the tap but not in their own bodies. Drinking is simply forgotten.
As a hobby bodybuilder or strength athlete, you also take food supplements such as creatine, protein and Co. So how do you want to know what your body really needs when you flood it with all kinds of stimuli and foods every day.
You have to learn to listen to your body again. He’ll tell you what he needs if you just let him.

Rule No. 6: Checking and checking your training

results For 6 weeks you have been training according to your latest fitness or strength plan. You are delighted that you have executed and trained it exactly as instructed. Great. And what now? The next plan is coming, which you are also dull. And then…
Seriously, what’s the use of the best training program if you don’t see and recognize the fruit of your hard training? Certainly, you will find in yourself that something has changed. But did it also bring you closer to your big goal? Did the changes happen where you went to the fitness center every day. For whom you struggled every day on the leg press, the flat bench or in the Zumba course.
Check your results! You need to know where you stand with your achievements. This is the only way to determine your further training.

These were the 6 most important training rules that absolute athletes as well as recreational athletes should follow. The intensity of implementing these basic rules increases to the extent that the level of sport is increased.

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